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Welcome to the Ragtime Consignment Fashion Boutique

Ragtime is proud of our new Internet presence but we still want you to know that we have been in continuous business for 25 years. We have every fashion that the price conscious woman wants. If you have any questions please email us or join our facebook or Twitter groups. Be in on the latest sales or be notified when a certain purses or perfumes come in. We want to make our website your go to source for all your fashion and home accessory needs.

310 W. 15th St.
Panama City, FL


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Ragtime Consignment Boutique is a quality discount Fashion Consignment store located in Panama City Beach, FL. If you are looking for the best and most affordable in clothing, jewelry, purses, perfume, shoes, and so much more than you have come to the right place! Now, all you need to do is swing on over to Ragtime Boutique and try out your next pair of fabulous designer jeans and buy them for a fraction of the original price. What are you waiting for!


• Ragtime offers a 90 day consignment on clothes, shoes, fine purses, vintage or costume jewelry, hosehold items and nic nacs.

• Items not sold or picked up after the 90 period is considered the property of Ragtime.

• We profit share 50/50 on items items sold in the 90 day period. We pay out in the first week of each month. If your account is over $20 dollars we mail a check. If it is less than $20 the consignor can pick up the payment in cash during the first week.

• Ragtime has a video survalience system in place but it is not responsible for theft or loss of items.

1. Bringing items to Us:

• We accept new consignments in the last week of the month/

• Please Keep outfits together. items that wrinkle should be on hangers.

• Check ahead for stains, rips, missing buttons, broken zippers, missing labels etc...

• Remember, we take consignment seasonally.

- Spring/Summer clothing from February to July

- Fall/Winter clothing from August to January

- All items must be in a container, box, or laundry basket


2. Consignment Terms:

• Consignment period for 90 days

• Items are paid out at 50/50 in the first week of the month if the account is over $20.

• Prices are set by the store.

• All consignors balances can be used as store credit during the consignment period

• Consignor balances are valid for 6 months after expiration of the 90 day consignment period

3. Drop-off Procedure:

• Drop-off days are the last week of each month (Please call ahead for items we are accepting)

• Any items not picked up after the 90 day consignmet period will be the property of Ragtime Consignment.

• If a consigner wants their unsold items collected for them there is a $10 service charge or they can collect their items them selves at no charge.

4. We prefer Brand name clothes only, with label and size tags intact and no older than two years of age.

5. We accept shoes that are in season and have not scuffs or toe prints.

6. We accept fine Purses, Perfume and Jewelry. ( they sell better than clothes)

7. We have a ReGifting room. Bring in your household items that are like new ( call for ideas of what sells)

8. We accept mens cologne and jewelry.


Ragtime | 310 W 15th St | Panama City, FL 32401 | 850-784-1835